There is one big place for windsurfing in Crete : The bay of Amoudara near Heraklion city.
I know this windsurfing place now for more then 28 years! From the middle of may until the end of september, the chance for wind is very big. Of course, the summer Juli/ August brings the best conditions for windsurfing. The direction is mostly north / north-west. The average wind force in the summer is about 4 beaufort. Some days with 5 and more beaufort are standard. There is sometimes a very challenging shore break to pass. Our windsurfing club Iraklio has it’s base on this beach. A lot of guys from Iraklio are surfing every year together in this bay.

Slalom competition Summer 2013 Amoudara/Crete
Surf Club Iraklio
From the water…..
During my sport sessions I use my cameras to make movies from all the activities. One of the cameras I use is the good known GoPro. It is a very versatile camera for all requirements. All the mounting possibilities are unbelievable. For the small size of that unit, the picture and video quality is very impressive.
Mounted camera
Mounted my GoPro on the boom and on the top of the mast for this small Videos. The boards are JP Slalom 110 and the good old JP 120 Xcite Ride.
Surfing activities