Running Activities
As you can expect, running on Crete is not like running in a forest. Running outside and not in a gym with air-condition means it is hot,dry,no shadow. The ground is mostly hard with small rocks. You have to be carefully where you put your feet. In my area where I am living in Crete ( nearby Iraklio ), it is also mostly uphill to go. There are also some nice small roads from village to village you can run.
The last years there are more and more good organized running events for everyone. There is the ADIDAS open run in the harbour of Iraklio called Koule. Mostly this event is in Oktober. There are also a lot of running events in Chania, Rethymno and other areas.
1o Heraklion Cosmos Sport Run!
On Sunday the 22., Cosmos Sport and the government of Heraklion are inviting you to the 10 Heraklion Cosmos Sport Run. Registration is open now. There is the possibility to run 5 or 10 Km. For more Information go here Link.
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ADIDAS open run Iraklio 2015
This year the open run will be on the 31.10.2015, the registration is open from 14:30 direct at the start at KOULE, the start will be around 16:00 . You have to register yourself in a Cosmos store in Heraklion before or go here : Link
Some informations here on Facebook : Link
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ADIDAS open run Iraklio 2014
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The ADIDAS open run is a big event not only in Iraklio Crete. This event happens in all Greece and some other European countries.
There is also a big run in Athens. For further informations go to the web page ADIDAS open run.
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More running
The very nice run from Kavrochori to Keramoutsi and the way back. The distance is exactly 10 kilometers with extremely climbing the way to Keramoutsi. So if you like to run this route, be prepared for really big hills….
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Running activities