Diving on Crete can bring you Shipwrecks, caves, tunnels and reefs. Crete characterize the finest diving that the Mediterranean has to offer. Fantastic wreck diving on WWII shipwrecks and airplanes await the adventurous divers who venture underneath the Mediterranean’s blue waters. My favorite diving place on Crete is the Eurodiving Center in Lygaria. This diving center offers a lot of good spots to explore. The team composed of 8 persons makes the maximum every day to provide you the best. For further informations go to eurodiving.net.

Pictures from diving in Lygaria

Night diving in Lygaria

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Eurodiving Center Lygaria

As I wrote before, my favorite diving place on Crete is the small bay of Lygaria. The diving base there is the Eurodiving Center with a very friendly owner Michalis. The center has two boats and 8 multilingual persons which will dive with you together.
Michalis, the owner, is a very experienced diver who knows exactly the places to go. The diving center offers a lot of activities and of course you can make there your first steps into the nice blue see. Experienced divers can go for a deep dive or make the license to be a master diver or rescue diver. If you like to get more informations, please go to Eurodiving.net

Diving in Mades

A nice place to dive is the little bay of Mades. It is really close to the bay of Lygaria, about 5 minutes with the boat. It offers a nice underwater surface with a lot of fishes. If you like ( and if you have the permission ) you can go more then 20m deep. I like to go not to deep to keep my air for passing a small tunnel a little far from the place where we anchor the boat. The tunnel is the turning back point to the boat.

In this little video you will see the bay of Lygaria and the diving spot Mades including the small tunnel to pass.
Diving activities