Cycling on Crete is already no longer a secret.Crete, Europe's southernmost island, forms the boundary between the Aegean and Libyan seas, between Europe and Africa.Crete is a cyclist's paradise.Its climate is considered the healthiest in Europe. Thanks to the high mountains and the steady, light north-westerly winds,pleasant temperatures prevail, even in high summer.The island has a pronounced mountainous character with wild, deep gorges, evergreens and romantic plateau amidst the stunning mountain scenery, with more than 300 caves and a highest mountain - Psiloritis - with 2456 m.
A drone is following
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The newest technology of photography is also crossing my interests. The new drones are getting very small with astonishing possibilities . Video in 4K with full stabilization through a three axis gimbal. The possibility that the drone is following your track makes it perfect for nice videos during your cycling adventure. The small movie on the left will show you how it can look….
Mountainbike Paradise
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Sometimes the landscape is barren, bizarre and wild, sometimes wooded, green and lovely. Fertile plains with wine and olive groves, fragrant orange and almond orchards, huge melons and vegetable fields, surrounded by blossoming herbs and spices offer a beautiful contrast to the un-spoilt cliffs, with remote coves that invite you for a swimming stop. Particularly impressive are the many ancient mountain villages where time seems to have stopped. Sometimes you get the chance to have some raki, wine, grapes and goats’ cheese, it is an unforgettable experience. The hospitality of the Cretans is boundless.
Before you start
There are some things you have to prepare before you start your cycling activities. Think about your tour and try to plan the way you want to go. Crete is an island with some really challenging hills. If you are coming from a foreign country, cycling on Crete will be completely different from what you know. Start with some short trips to adapt yourself to the requirements of this island. If you don’t feel well, go the next day. The body needs some days to accommodate to the climate. Specially in the summer you can have more then 30 degrees celsius in the shadow.
Thinks you should have with you :
  • A bottle of water, maybe you have two holders on your bike.
  • A repair kit for the tires, better is a new bicycle tube
  • A toolset to fix some screws
  • In the spring or autumn take some changing clothes with you.
  • A mobile phone to call someone for help.
  • A first aid kit for little sores.
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A nice ride with friends

Amoudara-Kavrochori-Keramoutsi-Korfes-Krousonas and the way back.
This tour is about 40 kilometers, mostly asphalt road with a little part off road. It has some really challenging hills to climb. You go the way from Amoudara the new road to Gazi. From Gazi find the direction to Tylisos, then go left to Krousonas. There are small signs which will show you the way to Kavrochori. In Kavrochori you have to ask the way to Tylisos, it is non asphalt with a very beautiful surrounding. You are passing a little river and a small church on the right. Now there is coming the biggest challenging hill, be prepared. In the end of this non asphalt part go left. Find the way to Keramoutsi. From Keramoutsi it is an easy way to Korphes and Krousonas. Make a break in Krousonas to get some energy. The way back from Krousonas is mostly downhill, a completely new road.
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Cycling activities